Project management can be a complicated beast, as projects often have dozens of moving parts spread across many resources and stakeholders. Over the years, we’ve built, battle-tested, and refined a number of products and templates that we use in the course of managing and tracking projects. They save time and give our work a consistent, professional look and feel.

And because we believe in sharing, pmFAQtory’s project management products and templates will soon be available here for free.

In return, all we ask is that you provide a real e-mail address where you can be contacted. We respect your privacy and won’t ever sell or give away your information, but we may occasionally be in touch to tell you about our newest product offerings. If you like our free products and templates, just wait until you see some of the project management software tools we have in development.

We stand 100 percent behind our products. If you have suggestions for features or encounter problems, we really want to hear from you.


Clean, professional templates with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Meeting agenda template (coming soon!)

Better prepare for your team meetings and keep attendees on-task with pmFAQtory’s free meeting agenda template (Microsoft Word format). This one-pager lets you outline:

  • Logistical information (date, time, call-in number, and chair)
  • Invitees
  • Purpose and expected outcomes
  • Agenda items
  • Next steps

Change request form template (coming soon!)

Control change and fend off scope creep with pmFAQtory’s free change request form template (Microsoft Word format). Use our template to:

  • Collect details of the request
  • Assess the request’s impact on the project
  • Record and justify the decision to approve, reject, or defer the request
  • Capture stakeholder sign-off on the decision

Status report form template (coming soon!)

Create concise, high-impact project reports with pmFAQtory’s free status report form template (Microsoft Word format). The at-a-glance format is so useful that clients’ in-house project managers have even started using this template, which includes space for:

  • An executive summary
  • An overall status overview
  • Upcoming milestones
  • Major accomplishments during the reporting period
  • Planned activities for the next reporting period
  • Issues requiring escalation

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